The core business of Biesse is to supply and install floors, raised floors, panelling, false ceilings and plasterboard walls. The wide range of products and services, expertise and professionalism, have made the company a reliable partner also for special long-term processes.

The values ​​guiding the daily work of Biesse are clear and well established:

Biesse is equipped with an extremely effective and efficient operating structure, tested for orders of any size. The project managers are unique reference points for the customer. The team leaders ensure the operational management of the site, coordinating construction timing and avoiding  waste of time and material.

The presence of Biesse on the market has enabled it to develop stable and trusted relationships with suppliers and customers. In addition to its own personnel, more than 100 skilled craftsmen collaborate with Biesse on an ongoing basis. Having a loyal, experienced and trained workforce, guarantees the customer is served respecting the agreed delivery time. The quality of Biesse works stems from the choice of high quality materials. From back office support and technical expertise.

Security and Sustainability
Biesse gives priority to security within its sites: the working equipment is subject to periodic inspections and our employees are all equipped with protective clothing. DURC, Chamber of Commerce and ANTIMAFIA certifications are constantly updated and produced when requested. Compliance with the procedures and the ability to handle large dimension sites in the interior finishing field is certified by ISO 9001 and SOA OS IV standards. Biesse is also employed to for achieving ISO 14001 standard (environmental management certificate).